Believers International is a non-profit Christian publisher, originally started as a missionary work in 1973, printing newsletters, study materials and a magazine on the continuity of William Marrion Branham's ministry. Our publications were sent to almost every country in the world. In addition, our support and missionary efforts have reached the lives of thousands of believers in Central and South America.


The Message is a stamp from Editora A Mensagem, which began its work formally in 2014, publishing books and materials related to the supernatural ministry of William Marrion Branham and the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In mid 2019 we began the work of translating, printing and distributing the unpublished sermons of Rev. William Marrion Branham, with the support of the Christian churches in Brazil.


The Message for Children is a stamp from Editora A Mensagem, which was born in 2015, publishing Christian books adapted from William Marrion Branham's sermons, retold in an easier language for the little ones to understand.

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